The restaurant Vista wears a new dress: spring!

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Casina Valadier’s restaurant Vista changes its delightful menu and welcomes its new spring menu in order to welcome summer that is on its way and to celebrate spring.
The importance of eating seasonal food is well known and it is not only a matter of meeting certain quality and excellence standards. It is clear now that it comes to taste, flavour and nutritional goodness. Not to mention being environment-friendly.
When food is not in season locally, it is either grown in a hothouse or shipped in from other countries: both aspects negatively affect taste. Compare for example a dark red tomato still warm from the summer sun with a winter hothouse tomato that is barely red, somewhat mealy, and lacking in flavour. Non-seasonal vegetables that must be transported and refrigerated for a long time may not ripen as effectively as they would in their natural environment and, as a result, they do not develop their full flavour.
Our passionate chef Massimo D’Innocenti is keen on searching the perfect ingredients for his creations: food must not only be tasty, but also naturally available during the ongoing season. The answer is, once again, seasonal food. In fact, if choosing other products, one must deal with pesticides and other chemical substances that are essential to make non-seasonal food attractive for the consumers.
Examples of our new dishes? Crispy parmesan dumplings with burrata, Gaeta olives and candied tomatoes or…tagliolini with asparagus tips, flavoured with lime and truffle.
In other words, delicious temptations that offer taste and precious sensations that do not sacrifice healthy principles.

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