The highest and enchanting panoramic terraces in Rome

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The most fascinating panoramic terraces in Rome are located in Casina Valadier, an elegant location on top of the Pincian Hill. For admiring the Eternal City in all its splendor.

The panoramic terraces are one of Rome’s most important points of interest, both for tourism and for organizing suggestive events. The architectural wonder of the Capital, admired from above, is one of the most impressive views of Italy, an incomparable setting for exceptional moments. The terraces of Casina Valadier, an elegant neoclassical location on the top of the Pincian Hill, offer the best view of the Eternal City.


The terraces of Casina Valadier

On the first floor of Casina Valadier are available three panoramic terraces overlooking Rome. The Terrazza Aurora points to south-east and offers an enchanting view of many places and monuments of Rome’s history such as the Quirinale, the Altare della Patria and many Basilicas. The Terrazza Belvedere faces south, overlooking Rome, with a full view of 180° of all its main monuments. From the Terrazza Tramonto oriented to south-west, you can admire spectacular sunsets, rich in warm colors and made even more impressive with the possibility of admiring the Vatican and the St. Peter’s dome from an exclusive and romantic point of view. Emotions that only the highest point in Rome is able to offer.


Spaces for a thousand possibilities

Our panoramic terraces are a truly exclusive and multifunctional space that allows many different uses. Everyday, they are used to receive private, corporate or institutional events for fresh and charming lunches with a view over Rome. An inviting and relaxing experience, to get away from urban chaos or to have a pleasant and charming appointment. In the evening, our Terraces are also used for Casina Valadier’s special events. Refreshing moments, outdoor dinners, exclusive after dinner as well as weddings and anniversaries, as well as elegant moments of interlude for corporate events. These are just some of the possibilities that the Casina Valadier’s terraces, with the support of the professional services of our location, can offer.


Casina Valadier has the most enchanting panoramic terraces in Rome, which offer an exceptional view accompanied by excellent services. Beauty and prestige, for truly exclusive moments.
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