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The highest and enchanting panoramic terraces in Rome

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The most fascinating panoramic terraces in Rome are located in Casina Valadier, an elegant location on top of the Pincian Hill. For admiring the Eternal City in all its splendor.

A location of excellence for the presentation of products in Rome

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Casina Valadier is a first choice in Rome for a presentation of products and cars. A perfectly equipped, competent and very elegant location.

An elegant location for hosting art exhibitions in Rome

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Casina Valadier is a great place for hosting art exhibitions and cultural events in Rome. Elegant and multifaceted spaces for successful exhibitions.

The location of Casina Valadier is one of the most elegant solutions in Rome for setting up successful art exhibitions. The multifunctional spaces of the facility and the expertise of our Event Manager service provide everything that an art exhibition needs to be hosted at best.


The artistic value of Casina Valadier

Casina Valadier is often a choice for setting up art exhibitions in the city of Rome. Both beginner artists and established professionals have exhibited their masterpieces at our facility. Exhibitions of paintings, photography, sculpture and more are able to stand out in a frame that is itself art. The neoclassical architectural structure, and the interiors restored with modernity, offer an atmosphere in which the setting up of an event of artistic context is beautifully valued. A very nice alternative to art galleries, traditionally common and ordinary, but also able to offer exclusive services.


How Spaces Are Used

Casina Valadier has multifunctional spaces that fit brilliantly for each event. Expositions of paintings and photo exhibitions are generally set up in the large Hall of Mirrors, an exclusive space rich in a highly suggestive atmosphere. Greater works and installations, such as sculptures, are presented in the outside garden. However, the ability to reinvent of the location always opens up to new possibilities of use, not excluding other options.


How can you manage the event

With an exclusive location like Casina Valadier for art exhibitions in Rome, many other valued services can be considered. Such as a welcome cocktail on the panoramic terraces, or a refreshment after the show. Even a lunch or dinner, before or after the event, at the Vista Restaurant can be a winning solution. Finally, it is possible to consider hypotheses such as a musical performance or a themed night party.


Casina Valadier is always an excellent choice for art exhibitions and cultural events in Rome. Elegant and well-equipped spaces and a competent Event Management service ensure its success.

Organizing incentive and team building in Rome at Casina Valadier

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Casina Valadier is the choice of many companies for the organization of activities of incentive and team building in Rome. High-level experiences guaranteed by a multi-purpose venue.

The 2017 spring menus of Casina Valadier

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Casina Valadier presents its new 2017 spring menus. A refined proposal with seasonal flavors, for fresh tasting experiences.

Celebrate Valentine's Day in rome

A sweet proposal to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Rome

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Rome is a winning and safe choice for the sweetest recurrence. Here is a proposal to spend the day.


Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Rome is a solution that opens up many possibilities for a sweet day. The Eternal City, in its boundless beauty and richness of immortal art, is the location par excellence for delightful romantic getaways. Here’s a tip to spend the day of lovers in the capital.


A tour in history, hand in hand

An excellent proposal to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Rome is rediscovering the artistic charm of a wonderful city. Without necessarily having to move by car, the center of Rome has many points of interest within walking distance. The perfect start of a romantic day is a visit to the Coliseum, majestic and millennial symbol of the capital. The Amphitheatre Flavio has always been a popular tourist destination, which must be rediscovered not only in the legendary aesthetic, but also in the particular historical context.
From here, moving upwards, we have multiple points of interest immediately nearby. The Basilicas, the Roman Forum, the Campidoglio, Piazza Venezia, the Pantheon, and others. A visit to the Trevi Fountain is certainly a must, a traditionally romantic place, not only for cinematographic memories. An usage of the past predicted that the girls gave a glass, then shattered, of that water to the comrade departing for eternal fidelity. From the Fountain, through the Spanish Steps, you can reach the Pincian Hill.


Walk and dinner on the Pincian Hill

Into the sunset, it is particularly romantic continuing to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Rome in the charming Pincian Walk. One of the most charming places to enjoy a wonderful sun on the horizon, in an exciting walk for two into the green. On top of the hill, it is located Casina Valadier, a shining nineteenth-century building where you can admire stunning views over Rome. For Valentine’s Day celebration, Casina Valadier always offer a classy dinner, in his elegant Vista Restaurant. Traditional cuisine with modern influences, by unique tasting experiences. From the terraces of the restaurant you can relive your day by reviewing everything from another point of view.


An inviting way to end a day for two, designed to spend and live true couple moments without distractions.

The best romantic dinner in Rome at the Restaurant Vista

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The most elegant romantic dinner in Rome is the proposal of the Restaurant Vista, the jewel of Casina Valadier. We illustrate you the qualities of this amazing experience.


Organizing a romantic dinner in Rome at the Restaurant Vista is a choice that ensures a fully successful evening. This space offers a breathtaking view over the capital with a cuisine and a wine cellar of international prestige in addition to the friendly and careful staff. An irresistible combination, the emblem of the renowned and coveted Italian romance.


Romantic dinner in Rome

The heart of the proposal of the Restaurant Vista is the famous cuisine of Casina Valadier. A meeting between the Italian culinary tradition and meticulous research of modern perfection. A very personal and exclusive revisitation, directed by Massimo Innocenti, a prestigious chef awarded with two forks Gambero Rosso. A menu that changes seasonally, with exclusive offers and refined tastes. Our dishes are prepared with the freshest and finest raw materials, the eternal passionate pursuit of our chef. The dishes of our cuisine can be selected à la carte, or it alternatively can be chosen the option of tastings by six or eight courses. A choice that we recommend to our guests undecided or who do not want to miss any of our delicious proposals.


The atmosphere of the Restaurant Vista

The basic requirement for the best romantic dinner in Rome is to have the right atmosphere. At the Restaurant Vista this point is raised to the nth degree, through our discreet luxury but fascinating and charming. The restaurant has four panoramic halls and, when the weather allows it, two unmatchable panoramic terraces. The decor is cured in detail and characterized by an elegant and timeless style that fits the diversity of situations. But the most surprising feature of the Restaurant Vista is undoubtedly the breathtaking view of Rome. An exciting experience that only the top of the Pincian Hill, where the location is established, can offer.


The Restaurant Vista offers the best romantic dinner in Rome for an international quality of the cuisine, the high level of the dining room staff and the proposed atmosphere. A magical place to celebrate special occasions or to advance an unforgettable marriage proposal. Enchanting experiences signed Casina Valadier.

The restaurant Vista wears a new dress: spring!

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Casina Valadier’s restaurant Vista changes its delightful menu and welcomes its new spring menu in order to welcome summer that is on its way and to celebrate spring.
The importance of eating seasonal food is well known and it is not only a matter of meeting certain quality and excellence standards. It is clear now that it comes to taste, flavour and nutritional goodness. Not to mention being environment-friendly.
When food is not in season locally, it is either grown in a hothouse or shipped in from other countries: both aspects negatively affect taste. Compare for example a dark red tomato still warm from the summer sun with a winter hothouse tomato that is barely red, somewhat mealy, and lacking in flavour. Non-seasonal vegetables that must be transported and refrigerated for a long time may not ripen as effectively as they would in their natural environment and, as a result, they do not develop their full flavour.
Our passionate chef Massimo D’Innocenti is keen on searching the perfect ingredients for his creations: food must not only be tasty, but also naturally available during the ongoing season. The answer is, once again, seasonal food. In fact, if choosing other products, one must deal with pesticides and other chemical substances that are essential to make non-seasonal food attractive for the consumers.
Examples of our new dishes? Crispy parmesan dumplings with burrata, Gaeta olives and candied tomatoes or…tagliolini with asparagus tips, flavoured with lime and truffle.
In other words, delicious temptations that offer taste and precious sensations that do not sacrifice healthy principles.