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serata romantica a roma - casina valadier

Where to spend a romantic evening in Rome

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Casina Valadier is one of the most popular destinations for a romantic getaway in Rome. Elegance and flavor, for an unrepeatable atmosphere.


Many couples wishing to spend a sweet romantic evening in Rome choose Casina Valadier, a stylish and unique location in the heart of the Eternal City. Praised for a cuisine and a service of excellence, the structure stands on top of Pincian Hill. From its high position, you have access to one of the most exclusive panoramic views of the city.

The location

After reaching the romantic Pincian Walk, Casina Valadier welcomes its guests in an atmosphere of the past. An elegant red carpet leads to a fascinating neoclassical architecture with over 200 years of history, set in a large and well-kept garden. You can breathe a distinct and sophisticated climate, but at the same time informal, relaxed and very emotional.


The lounge bar

Before dinner, it is always a great idea to have an aperitif at the Chill Bar, a sophisticated lounge-style room of Casina Valadier. Inside the bar there is a refined ambience, with elegant furnishings and a ceiling embellished with frescoes. On the outside there are the most romantic terraces of the city with a spectacular view of Rome. Intriguing cocktail suggestions accompany gourmet delicacies, for a satisfying and relaxing pleasure.


The restaurant

On the third floor is the Vista Restaurant, a charming space that offers a further 360° view on the capital. The kitchen is entrusted to the Chef Massimo d’Innocenti, highly appreciated in Rome and throughout Italy, and rewarded with two Gambero Rosso forks. Our menus takes inspiration from the tradition of Mediterranean cuisine, revisited in contemporary style and with a personal touch. As support, a courteous and professional service, able to pay special attention to every guest and situation. The Vista Restaurant offers a very intimate atmosphere, far from the confusion and ideal for a very special candlelight moment.


The fabulous atmosphere of Casina Valadier is an ideal place to spend a romantic evening in Rome. The impressive panoramic view, the artistic value, the elegance of the furnishings and the quality of the offered services make it one of the most sought-after destinations for having a space of intimacy in the capital.


A location of guaranteed success to advance a wedding proposal, and eventually return to celebrate it.


The 2017 spring menus of Casina Valadier

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Casina Valadier presents its new 2017 spring menus. A refined proposal with seasonal flavors, for fresh tasting experiences.

Celebrate Valentine's Day in rome

A sweet proposal to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Rome

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Rome is a winning and safe choice for the sweetest recurrence. Here is a proposal to spend the day.


Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Rome is a solution that opens up many possibilities for a sweet day. The Eternal City, in its boundless beauty and richness of immortal art, is the location par excellence for delightful romantic getaways. Here’s a tip to spend the day of lovers in the capital.


A tour in history, hand in hand

An excellent proposal to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Rome is rediscovering the artistic charm of a wonderful city. Without necessarily having to move by car, the center of Rome has many points of interest within walking distance. The perfect start of a romantic day is a visit to the Coliseum, majestic and millennial symbol of the capital. The Amphitheatre Flavio has always been a popular tourist destination, which must be rediscovered not only in the legendary aesthetic, but also in the particular historical context.
From here, moving upwards, we have multiple points of interest immediately nearby. The Basilicas, the Roman Forum, the Campidoglio, Piazza Venezia, the Pantheon, and others. A visit to the Trevi Fountain is certainly a must, a traditionally romantic place, not only for cinematographic memories. An usage of the past predicted that the girls gave a glass, then shattered, of that water to the comrade departing for eternal fidelity. From the Fountain, through the Spanish Steps, you can reach the Pincian Hill.


Walk and dinner on the Pincian Hill

Into the sunset, it is particularly romantic continuing to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Rome in the charming Pincian Walk. One of the most charming places to enjoy a wonderful sun on the horizon, in an exciting walk for two into the green. On top of the hill, it is located Casina Valadier, a shining nineteenth-century building where you can admire stunning views over Rome. For Valentine’s Day celebration, Casina Valadier always offer a classy dinner, in his elegant Vista Restaurant. Traditional cuisine with modern influences, by unique tasting experiences. From the terraces of the restaurant you can relive your day by reviewing everything from another point of view.


An inviting way to end a day for two, designed to spend and live true couple moments without distractions.

The best romantic dinner in Rome at the Restaurant Vista

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The most elegant romantic dinner in Rome is the proposal of the Restaurant Vista, the jewel of Casina Valadier. We illustrate you the qualities of this amazing experience.


Organizing a romantic dinner in Rome at the Restaurant Vista is a choice that ensures a fully successful evening. This space offers a breathtaking view over the capital with a cuisine and a wine cellar of international prestige in addition to the friendly and careful staff. An irresistible combination, the emblem of the renowned and coveted Italian romance.


Romantic dinner in Rome

The heart of the proposal of the Restaurant Vista is the famous cuisine of Casina Valadier. A meeting between the Italian culinary tradition and meticulous research of modern perfection. A very personal and exclusive revisitation, directed by Massimo Innocenti, a prestigious chef awarded with two forks Gambero Rosso. A menu that changes seasonally, with exclusive offers and refined tastes. Our dishes are prepared with the freshest and finest raw materials, the eternal passionate pursuit of our chef. The dishes of our cuisine can be selected à la carte, or it alternatively can be chosen the option of tastings by six or eight courses. A choice that we recommend to our guests undecided or who do not want to miss any of our delicious proposals.


The atmosphere of the Restaurant Vista

The basic requirement for the best romantic dinner in Rome is to have the right atmosphere. At the Restaurant Vista this point is raised to the nth degree, through our discreet luxury but fascinating and charming. The restaurant has four panoramic halls and, when the weather allows it, two unmatchable panoramic terraces. The decor is cured in detail and characterized by an elegant and timeless style that fits the diversity of situations. But the most surprising feature of the Restaurant Vista is undoubtedly the breathtaking view of Rome. An exciting experience that only the top of the Pincian Hill, where the location is established, can offer.


The Restaurant Vista offers the best romantic dinner in Rome for an international quality of the cuisine, the high level of the dining room staff and the proposed atmosphere. A magical place to celebrate special occasions or to advance an unforgettable marriage proposal. Enchanting experiences signed Casina Valadier.

Delizie d’Autunno, the new seasonal menu of Casina Valadier

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In keeping with the season, Casina Valadier presents the new seasonal menu Delizie d’Autunno. A very successful composition with autumnal sublime tastes, that conquers the most refined palates.


Casina Valadier presents new seasonal menu Delizie d’Autunno, a menu in the subject with the season. The excellent cuisine of renowned chef Massimo Innocenti meet the delicate flavors of autumn, for a sublime and exclusive union. Following the cooking philosophy of the Casina Valadier, the dishes amalgamate with wisdom the traditional cuisine with our modern reinterpretation. As always, the search of the freshest and tasty raw materials was our passionate and rigorous quest.


The new autumn flavors

The new seasonal menu of Casina Valadier welcomed the delicious autumn flavors and made them their own. The elaborate appetizers make a large use of seasonal fruits and spices, such as ginger, pomegranate and pistachio. The first courses instead focus on the most delicate flavors that enhance the dish without suffocating the essence. I am an excellent example of the fabulous tagliolini butter and castelmagno, porcini powder and roasted chestnuts. The main courses instead bring the meat tastes and valuable fish, such as pigeon, Iberian pork and cod caught on the hook. The grid plates are unchanged since their tasty flavors marry well with all seasons. The desserts, finally, were prepared with a selection of exotic varieties, such as pecans, calvados, guanaja sauce. Or reinterpretations entirely homegrown, like sweet iced cookie with dried figs, almonds and citrus scent.


The autumn of Restaurant Vista

The seasonal menu Delizie d’Autunno allows you to better enjoy the experience of autumn Casina Valadier. The atmosphere that takes on the Pincio Hill in this season is indeed a triumph of lights and absolutely enchanting colors.


A charm that has to be celebrated with all the essence of autumn products, that the Restaurant Vista has brilliantly mastered.

The most romantic Valentine’s Day is at Casina Valadier

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Breathtaking views, romantic atmosphere, and a culinary journey that awakens your senses: it is the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner to share with the one you love and build unforgettable memories.

It is Casina Valadier’s proposal for the year’s most romantic evening, a Valentine’s Day that will be forever imprinted in your memory, as long-lasting as your love.

Chef Massimo D’Innocenti has created an original and refined menu which deliciously blends culinary innovation with the best of the Mediterranean tradition. We start with a Champagne-based aperitif, beginning our journey from the sea and its flavorful bounties. Raw Sicilian red prawns in lime and ginger sauce with avocado mousse, and steamed lobster with potato and chive cream and crunchy Jerusalem artichokes.

We, then, take a turn for more traditional flavors from the land, beginning with tagliolini in artichoke and black truffle sauce, then moving to beef filet mignon wrapped in sage and paleta iberica ham, accompanied by wild chicory and potato balls.

Our itinerary reaches perfection with dessert, a passion fruit and pine nut praline parfait topped with citrus caramel and rum gelee.

We pair our food with the following wines: Vermentino di Toscana IGT Monterufoli Tenute Del Cerro, and La Poderina Rosso di Montalcino DOC, Tenute del Cerro, for the most robust dishes; Champagne for unmissable toasts that complete the romance.

Please contact us by phone if you have special dietary requirements, i.e., food allergies or vegetarian preferences. Seats will be booked only upon receipt of payment. The cost is Euro 150.00 per person.

For information and reservation call: 06 69922090, or visit: