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Organizing incentive and team building in Rome at Casina Valadier

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Casina Valadier is the choice of many companies for the organization of activities of incentive and team building in Rome. High-level experiences guaranteed by a multi-purpose venue.

The 2017 spring menus of Casina Valadier

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Casina Valadier presents its new 2017 spring menus. A refined proposal with seasonal flavors, for fresh tasting experiences.

The business lunch in Rome of Restaurant Vista

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The business lunch in Rome of Vista Restaurant is a delightful and elegant proposal. A great meeting place for a lunch with colleagues or a demanding clientele.


The Vista Restaurant, located at the third floor of Casina Valadier, offers an exclusive business lunch in Rome. A gourmet proposal inserted in the context of an elegant location in the heart of the capital. Our business lunch offers a professional service and of high quality in all aspects, with attention to every food needs.


The menu of our business lunch

Our business lunch in Rome proposes two formulas valid Tuesday through Friday, available exclusively at lunch. A formula consisting of two courses to choose between a starter, a first course and a dessert, the second comprising 3 courses. The Casina Valadier menu changes periodically, always offering fresh specialties typical of the season. Our courses are based on the Italian tradition, and are revised according to modern culinary avant studies. The executive chef in charge of the Casina Valadier restaurant is Massimo Innocenti, two forks Gambero Rosso 2013. Our lunch offer always leaves satisfied our regular and occasional guests.


The location of the restaurant Vista

The business lunch in Rome Valadier at Casina can count on a wonderful location, situated on the high of the Pincian Hill. The Vista Restaurant, located on the third floor offers a comprehensive overview of Rome, for a fascinating and surprising scenic effect. The four halls, the Janiculum, the Medici, the St. Peter and the Quirinale, have an elegant and suggestive furniture. A sophisticated style that will positively impress colleagues and international customers.


Casina Valadier offers a proposal for a high-quality business lunch in Rome that has always satisfied guests. A delicious menu, a luxury location and our professional service and high quality are a winning and preferred option for work and business lunches.

An exclusive New Year’s Eve 2017 in Rome at Casina Valadier

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Casina Valadier has prepared as tradition the most exclusive New Year’s Eve 2017 in Rome. A must to better enjoy the arrival of the new year.


Casina Valadier stands out among offers New Year’s Eve 2017 in Rome for its exclusive proposal. The sumptuous location of the Pincio Hill has prepared an elegant New Year’s Eve, with an unmissable charm. An event dressed with the class and the prestige guaranteed by the signature of Casina Valadier.


Welcome cocktail with bubbles

The program of the New Year’s Eve 2017 in Rome begins at 20:00 with a welcome cocktail. A refreshment for all guests to kick off the festivities with style and elegance. We will subsequently move in the halls for the gala dinner. The Antica Roma hall on the first floor and the restaurant Vista on the third floor will offer a selection of lounge music. In the Hall of Mirrors on the second floor will be performed soft live music instead.


New Year’s Eve menu

For the New Year’s Eve 2017 in Rome Casina Valadier has elaborated a sublime and unique card. A work of our chef Massimo Innocenti, excellent professional awarded with two forks Gambero Rosso. Six delicious courses, designed by carefully selected ingredients and quality and prepared with fresh raw materials and search for beauty. From an amouse-bouche of the chef, to a pear drowned in zabaglione with ice cream with nuts and candied orange Chocolate, New Year’s Eve dinner will be a journey through Italian noble and exotic flavors.


Midnight toast

At midnight Casina Valadier will celebrate the New Year’s Eve 2017 in Rome with the traditional celebratory toast. From the highest point of the Pincio hill you will enjoy the sensational show of the Eternal City in celebration. An emotional aesthetic suggestion, worthy spectacle of a luxury New Year’s Eve.


After Dinner Party

New Year’s Eve 2017 in Rome will continue with our exclusive After Dinner Party, to celebrate well into the night. We offer as a tradition Castelluccio lentils and Zampone di Modena, and small Christmas sweets, plus selected wines and coffee. It will be available for the New Year’s toast the service of bottle at the table. Our DJ set will then start the first dances of the year, with a selected and wide musical repertoire.


Casina Valadier host the best New Year’s Eve 2017 in Rome, a winning proposition for taste and sight. As with any event, three factors that have always distinguished us will determine its success. A marvelous location, with bewitching luxury and stunning views. A fine cuisine, the result of a combination of tradition and innovation, which is entrusted to expert hands. A first level organization, with an international flavor and an experience gained specifically for every occasion. Casina Valadier will inaugurate with his guests the advent of 2017, and it will renew for the whole year to come his desire to surprise.

The best romantic dinner in Rome at the Restaurant Vista

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The most elegant romantic dinner in Rome is the proposal of the Restaurant Vista, the jewel of Casina Valadier. We illustrate you the qualities of this amazing experience.


Organizing a romantic dinner in Rome at the Restaurant Vista is a choice that ensures a fully successful evening. This space offers a breathtaking view over the capital with a cuisine and a wine cellar of international prestige in addition to the friendly and careful staff. An irresistible combination, the emblem of the renowned and coveted Italian romance.


Romantic dinner in Rome

The heart of the proposal of the Restaurant Vista is the famous cuisine of Casina Valadier. A meeting between the Italian culinary tradition and meticulous research of modern perfection. A very personal and exclusive revisitation, directed by Massimo Innocenti, a prestigious chef awarded with two forks Gambero Rosso. A menu that changes seasonally, with exclusive offers and refined tastes. Our dishes are prepared with the freshest and finest raw materials, the eternal passionate pursuit of our chef. The dishes of our cuisine can be selected à la carte, or it alternatively can be chosen the option of tastings by six or eight courses. A choice that we recommend to our guests undecided or who do not want to miss any of our delicious proposals.


The atmosphere of the Restaurant Vista

The basic requirement for the best romantic dinner in Rome is to have the right atmosphere. At the Restaurant Vista this point is raised to the nth degree, through our discreet luxury but fascinating and charming. The restaurant has four panoramic halls and, when the weather allows it, two unmatchable panoramic terraces. The decor is cured in detail and characterized by an elegant and timeless style that fits the diversity of situations. But the most surprising feature of the Restaurant Vista is undoubtedly the breathtaking view of Rome. An exciting experience that only the top of the Pincian Hill, where the location is established, can offer.


The Restaurant Vista offers the best romantic dinner in Rome for an international quality of the cuisine, the high level of the dining room staff and the proposed atmosphere. A magical place to celebrate special occasions or to advance an unforgettable marriage proposal. Enchanting experiences signed Casina Valadier.

Delizie d’Autunno, the new seasonal menu of Casina Valadier

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In keeping with the season, Casina Valadier presents the new seasonal menu Delizie d’Autunno. A very successful composition with autumnal sublime tastes, that conquers the most refined palates.


Casina Valadier presents new seasonal menu Delizie d’Autunno, a menu in the subject with the season. The excellent cuisine of renowned chef Massimo Innocenti meet the delicate flavors of autumn, for a sublime and exclusive union. Following the cooking philosophy of the Casina Valadier, the dishes amalgamate with wisdom the traditional cuisine with our modern reinterpretation. As always, the search of the freshest and tasty raw materials was our passionate and rigorous quest.


The new autumn flavors

The new seasonal menu of Casina Valadier welcomed the delicious autumn flavors and made them their own. The elaborate appetizers make a large use of seasonal fruits and spices, such as ginger, pomegranate and pistachio. The first courses instead focus on the most delicate flavors that enhance the dish without suffocating the essence. I am an excellent example of the fabulous tagliolini butter and castelmagno, porcini powder and roasted chestnuts. The main courses instead bring the meat tastes and valuable fish, such as pigeon, Iberian pork and cod caught on the hook. The grid plates are unchanged since their tasty flavors marry well with all seasons. The desserts, finally, were prepared with a selection of exotic varieties, such as pecans, calvados, guanaja sauce. Or reinterpretations entirely homegrown, like sweet iced cookie with dried figs, almonds and citrus scent.


The autumn of Restaurant Vista

The seasonal menu Delizie d’Autunno allows you to better enjoy the experience of autumn Casina Valadier. The atmosphere that takes on the Pincio Hill in this season is indeed a triumph of lights and absolutely enchanting colors.


A charm that has to be celebrated with all the essence of autumn products, that the Restaurant Vista has brilliantly mastered.
room for events in Rome

The Sala degli Specchi, elegant room for events in Rome

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The Hall of Mirrors of Casina Valadier is a room for events in Rome with a thousand possibilities and great aesthetics.


The Hall of Mirrors is a room for events in Rome that lends itself to a variety of possibilities in the event that it seats. It can become the romantic setting for lunches and dinners of fairytale weddings, because of its timeless style. But it can also be an ideal home to prominent glamorous events for companies and worldliness. A location of assured success.


Room for events in Rome

The hall was completely renovated in terms of furnishings and decor, but the changes were carried out in order to give back to the local original features that distinguish it: the terracotta floor, the plant motifs that fresco on the ceiling and mirrored walls, which are the charming main theme of the room. The overlap of reflections offers a harmonious visual game that creates the optical illusion of a boundless extension of the space environment.

The external views of the Sala degli Specchi offer three amazing sights. Two windows offer a view of Rome, the semi-circular terrace overlooking the Villa Borghese and another set of windows are placed on the side of the Pincio Hill.

The maximum capacity of the room for events is 150 seats and 200 standing. The tastes and logistical needs are the ones to suggest the best provision of our tables, and which ones to show off. We have rectangular, circular and oval shapes that fit well to a multitude of needs and aesthetic devices. For the organization of conferences and meetings we set up the room even in theater style.

Among the fascinating Casina Valadier environments, the Sala degli Specchi is a great choice for hosting major events and celebrations. Timeless setting, reminiscent of the ancient and that is embellished with modern refinements. A search for beauty and perfection, in the stimulating environment of Roman society. A unique way of living and to propose the experience of Casina Valadier.