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Organizing incentive and team building in Rome at Casina Valadier

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Casina Valadier is the choice of many companies for the organization of activities of incentive and team building in Rome. High-level experiences guaranteed by a multi-purpose venue.

The 2017 spring menus of Casina Valadier

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Casina Valadier presents its new 2017 spring menus. A refined proposal with seasonal flavors, for fresh tasting experiences.

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The proposal of business light lunch in Rome at Caffè del Pincio

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The Caffè del Pincio offers an exclusive business light lunch in Rome, ideal refreshment break or business meeting. Experience signed Casina Valadier.


The business light lunch in Rome of the Caffè del Pincio is an exclusive and tasty proposal of Casina Valadier. Intended as a pleasant dining or meeting for a business appointment, a light lunch is a balanced and satisfactory proposal.


The Caffè del Pincio

Our business light lunch in Rome held at the Caffè del Pincio, a delightful location strategically positioned between the Spanish Steps and Villa Borghese. A relaxed and inviting atmosphere, immersed in the lovely setting of the Pincian Walk. Professional service and quality cuisine are the characteristics that best describe this elegant space signed Casina Valadier.


Meal proposals and the Healthy Corner

The business light lunch in Rome of Caffè del Pincio can count on a great variety of choice. In addition to the classic range bar, the food is divided into Italian Tapas (appetizers our own), Panini Gourmet and Healthy Food. Between the Panini Gourmet you can order a delicious 200g hamburger of Chianina meat. In the Healthy Corner instead we can find a selection of smoothies, juices and teas for a healthy intake of vitamins and antioxidants. Added to this there are the BIO farro salad and chicken julienne with paprika, other appreciated healthy dishes.


The business light lunch

The Caffè del Pincio is an excellent location for organizing a business light lunch in Rome. The elegant and discreet environment is very welcoming for our guests, separate from the crowds of the capital. The light lunch is instead a balanced and inviting meal, which it is tasty without weighting down. Overall the experience is therefore an ideal environment for a business lunch with a client or meeting with colleagues. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere makes everyone comfortably at ease, so that will be easier to discuss important issues.


Quality assurance is, as always, the Casina Valadier’s signature.
Caffè del Pincio

Caffè del Pincio: the opening on April 28th sealed by the picnic on May 1st

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Casina Valadier and Caffè del Pincio have a strong historical connection that starts from the past and rejoins in the present.

Imagine for a while to go back in time.

It is the year 1837, Italy has not been unified yet and Roma is part of the Papal States. You are having a walk through the Pincio and you suddenly come across a recently built building, the current Casina Valadier. You try to ask its name to a passer-by, and he/she will answer without hesitation “Caffè del Pincio”. Obviously, you assume, it is quite famous!

After this short trip in the past, throw yourselves in the present day.

As of April 28, in fact, the name “Caffè del Pincio” will be highly topical again.

No, Casina Valadier will not change name again, but a new Coffee Bar will open at its ground floor keeping its past name, a real tribute to the origins.

The Caffè del Pincio, open every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m, welcomes you for an espresso having a fine blend or an exclusive tea accompanied by delicious handmade pastries. Not only refreshments, but also a great solution for a light lunch, thanks to an incredible variety of healthy salads and gourmet sandwiches, or a solution for those who prefer to have a picnic. In fact, you can take Caffè del Pincio flavors with you by choosing a picnic pack, a delicious snack that will make your walks at Villa Borghese more and more pleasant.

The proverbial meal outdoors becomes protagonist again next May 1, the day when the Caffè del Pincio inauguration week will be sealed in the best way. The first 200 customers will be given special picnics as a present, with delicacies expertly prepared by Massimo D’Innocenti, chef at Casina Valadier.

A wonderful opportunity to discover the sweet rebirth of a historic Coffee Bar.