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The highest and enchanting panoramic terraces in Rome

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The most fascinating panoramic terraces in Rome are located in Casina Valadier, an elegant location on top of the Pincian Hill. For admiring the Eternal City in all its splendor.

A location of excellence for the presentation of products in Rome

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Casina Valadier is a first choice in Rome for a presentation of products and cars. A perfectly equipped, competent and very elegant location.

An elegant location for hosting art exhibitions in Rome

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Casina Valadier is a great place for hosting art exhibitions and cultural events in Rome. Elegant and multifaceted spaces for successful exhibitions.

The location of Casina Valadier is one of the most elegant solutions in Rome for setting up successful art exhibitions. The multifunctional spaces of the facility and the expertise of our Event Manager service provide everything that an art exhibition needs to be hosted at best.


The artistic value of Casina Valadier

Casina Valadier is often a choice for setting up art exhibitions in the city of Rome. Both beginner artists and established professionals have exhibited their masterpieces at our facility. Exhibitions of paintings, photography, sculpture and more are able to stand out in a frame that is itself art. The neoclassical architectural structure, and the interiors restored with modernity, offer an atmosphere in which the setting up of an event of artistic context is beautifully valued. A very nice alternative to art galleries, traditionally common and ordinary, but also able to offer exclusive services.


How Spaces Are Used

Casina Valadier has multifunctional spaces that fit brilliantly for each event. Expositions of paintings and photo exhibitions are generally set up in the large Hall of Mirrors, an exclusive space rich in a highly suggestive atmosphere. Greater works and installations, such as sculptures, are presented in the outside garden. However, the ability to reinvent of the location always opens up to new possibilities of use, not excluding other options.


How can you manage the event

With an exclusive location like Casina Valadier for art exhibitions in Rome, many other valued services can be considered. Such as a welcome cocktail on the panoramic terraces, or a refreshment after the show. Even a lunch or dinner, before or after the event, at the Vista Restaurant can be a winning solution. Finally, it is possible to consider hypotheses such as a musical performance or a themed night party.


Casina Valadier is always an excellent choice for art exhibitions and cultural events in Rome. Elegant and well-equipped spaces and a competent Event Management service ensure its success.

An elegant space for meeting and conferences in Rome

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Casina Valadier usually hosts international meetings and conferences in Rome. A location for successful business appointments.

Business meetings and conferences in Rome have, within Casina Valadier, an elegant and excellently equipped space. The location on the Pincian Hill is often the choice of companies that are looking for professionalism, quality and prestige for their meetings. Here are the features that make it a choice of certain success.


The conference room

It is in the Hall of Mirrors that Casina Valadier usually used organizes her company appointments and conferences in Rome. Adorned with frescoes and terracotta flooring, it is named after its enchanting mirrored walls. The Sala degli Specchi is equipped to accommodate 130 people with theater style, 180 for cocktails and over 150 people for a dinner. A space with a multifaceted character, given by the aesthetic appeal and the technical capabilities offered. All the audio and video installations are provided by Casina Valadier, making the Sala degli Specchi a truly enjoyable and fully equipped space for conferences, meetings, congress, conventions, seminars and other appointments for companies or associations.


The exclusivity of Casina Valadier

Casina Valadier is one of the ideal and most exclusive locations for organizing conferences and meetings in Rome. In addition to the undisputed professional aspects, it is also a strategic choice to enthusiastically, even before the beginning of the conference, its guests who will be included since their arrival in a unique context in the world. The structure is of the nineteenth-century neoclassical matrix, with a spectacular view of Rome from the top of Pincian Hill. The dining is excellent in each of its three proposals between restaurant, lounge bar and coffee. This allows to accompany your meeting with a pleasant and refined refreshment, and organize a full lunch or dinner. In addition, the experience of our Event Manager service, able to better plan and support the event with exclusive services and special arrangements.


Casina Valadier is an excellent solution for a professional organization of meeting and conferences in Rome. Events enhanced by a great atmosphere and an unmatched service.
Audemars Piguet event

Report of the Audemars Piguet event at Casina Valadier

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Casina Valadier hosted the Audemars Piguet event, an evening of presentation of the  prestigious Swiss brand’s products.

It has been presented in Casina Valadier, in the Audemars Piguet event, the collection of watches from the renowned Swiss brand, accompanied by a cocktail and followed by an exclusive gala dinner best managed by our Event Manager service. Here is how the evening was organized.

Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet, a prestigious Swiss wrist watches manufacturer company, was founded in 1875 by Jules Louis Audemars and Edward Auguste Piguet, and still today it continues to be owned by their descendants. The products of this company find their luxurious status in a variety of historical and productive factors. First of all,  the glorious past of the brand, which from over 140 years produces watches of certified excellence. A name that has immediately imposed itself among the watch makers. In addition, Audemars Piguet stands out for the use of uncommon materials and innovative production techniques, for extraordinary invoice products.

The event at Casina Valadier

The Audemars Piguet event hosted by Casina Valadier saw the participation of a completely exclusive clientele. The evening was opened with a cocktail moment with  champagne. Following, the company’s products were presented to the guests in the charming and elegant atmosphere of the Hall of Mirrors. A collection that enchanted all the guests for the amount of precious details and the exclusive features shown by the watches. A gala dinner has then been served, with an ad hoc menu prepared by our chef Massimo D’Innocenti, on the wonderful panoramic terraces of Casina Valadier. The evening ended with a DJ set and a delicious rum & cigars after-dinner.
The Audemars Piguet event was another successful business event held at Casina Valadier. Particular attention has been paid to managing the dynamics of the evening and exalting the company’s product.

Report of the Bulgari event in Casina Valadier

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Casina Valadier hosted the latest Bulgari event, presenting the new perfume Goldea The Roman Night. An exclusive conference with international guests, held in the Sala degli Specchi.

Organizing incentive and team building in Rome at Casina Valadier

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Casina Valadier is the choice of many companies for the organization of activities of incentive and team building in Rome. High-level experiences guaranteed by a multi-purpose venue.

Delizie d’Autunno, the new seasonal menu of Casina Valadier

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In keeping with the season, Casina Valadier presents the new seasonal menu Delizie d’Autunno. A very successful composition with autumnal sublime tastes, that conquers the most refined palates.


Casina Valadier presents new seasonal menu Delizie d’Autunno, a menu in the subject with the season. The excellent cuisine of renowned chef Massimo Innocenti meet the delicate flavors of autumn, for a sublime and exclusive union. Following the cooking philosophy of the Casina Valadier, the dishes amalgamate with wisdom the traditional cuisine with our modern reinterpretation. As always, the search of the freshest and tasty raw materials was our passionate and rigorous quest.


The new autumn flavors

The new seasonal menu of Casina Valadier welcomed the delicious autumn flavors and made them their own. The elaborate appetizers make a large use of seasonal fruits and spices, such as ginger, pomegranate and pistachio. The first courses instead focus on the most delicate flavors that enhance the dish without suffocating the essence. I am an excellent example of the fabulous tagliolini butter and castelmagno, porcini powder and roasted chestnuts. The main courses instead bring the meat tastes and valuable fish, such as pigeon, Iberian pork and cod caught on the hook. The grid plates are unchanged since their tasty flavors marry well with all seasons. The desserts, finally, were prepared with a selection of exotic varieties, such as pecans, calvados, guanaja sauce. Or reinterpretations entirely homegrown, like sweet iced cookie with dried figs, almonds and citrus scent.


The autumn of Restaurant Vista

The seasonal menu Delizie d’Autunno allows you to better enjoy the experience of autumn Casina Valadier. The atmosphere that takes on the Pincio Hill in this season is indeed a triumph of lights and absolutely enchanting colors.


A charm that has to be celebrated with all the essence of autumn products, that the Restaurant Vista has brilliantly mastered.

Vista, the taste of an international restaurant

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We talk about Vista, the Casina Valadier’s international restaurant, and what makes it one of the most exclusive places of Rome.


The international restaurant Vista is one of the excellences of the experience of Casina Valadier. A location that combines a refined aesthetic luxury with refined culinary specialties. It is located at the Executive Floor, and consists of four linked dining rooms. With favorable weather, the restaurant service is also available on the enchanting panoramic terraces. The highlight of the restaurant is the 360° view you have of the Rome skyline. The strategic position of the Pincian Hill is optimized in its full potential, finding it at the center of the capital.


The tradition revisited in the kitchen

The kitchen of Vista has all the quality that is required of an international restaurant. The management is entrusted to chef Massimo d’Innocenti, renowned italian professional awarded with two Gambero Rosso Forks. The content of the dishes and raw materials is at high levels. The served entrees are recipes of the Italian tradition, but revisited through the sophisticated modern influences. Each dish blends the flavors of different eras, in a successful meeting. The menu changes periodically by the seasons, always offering new amazing dishes. We are also open to vegetarian, vegan and gluten free dietary requirements, and we are also able to offer Kosher cuisine.


The atmosphere of the room

The halls of the Vista Restaurant have a fine and luxurious setting. Classy and elegant furniture, which enhances the prestige of the experience to Casina Valadier. The concept of the rooms is suitable to host both business meetings and private guests. The atmosphere in fact also lends itself to a romantic side: the candlelight on the terrace is exquisitely effective. Even children and families, which we receive with great pleasure, find the right climate to meet them, and dedicated attentions.


Vista is therefore an international restaurant for quality and services offered. A rare marvel environment in which to enjoy a unique view and a refined cuisine. A masterpiece edited by Casina Valadier.

organization of events

A brilliant organization of events of international profile

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Let’s find out how Casina Valadier excels in the organization of events of international profile, and what services it offers.


The most exclusive organization of events of high society in Rome passes by Casina Valadier’s hands. A location that is suitable for a variety of situations and events, thanks to its wide range of spaces and services. Excellent for giving a very personal impression on your events, and organize the success at its best. Here are the spaces and services made available.


The Casina Valadier’s spaces

Spaces for organizing Casina Valadier’s events include exclusive rooms, a large park and luxurious terraces. Beginning with the Hall of Mirrors, a striking visual delight for a timeless effect. The Terrazza Aurora, the Terrazza Belvedere and the Terrazza Tramonto offer an attractive rooftop outdoor alternative. The Executive Floor provides a 360° overview on the capital from its four linked dining rooms, which have a capacity of 56 people seated and 80 standing. In the garden, there is instead the possibility of particularly large events, due to its large capacity. The event concept is chosen ad hoc and according to the lates trends, and we also takes care of space needs, such as the alternation of internal and external.


The Casina Valadier services

The organization of Casina Valadier events is supported by a number of ancillary services. The Hostess service provides a team following guests in the take, the accompaniment, the wardrobe and assistance. Our Event Manager plan in detail the realization of events thanks to their professionalism and international experience. Our cared services of flower arrangements and boards realize the right frame of the event. For the technical side we have many arrangements as regards lighting, sound system, projection, photography and video making. Finally, we are available for consultation for the musical entertainment: DJ, live artists and more.


The staff and the location of Casina Valadier are fully prepared to welcome an international cutting event. Any requirement in the organization of events is filled by our professional expertise and attention to detail. A warranty of success for events signed Casina Valadier.