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The highest and enchanting panoramic terraces in Rome

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The most fascinating panoramic terraces in Rome are located in Casina Valadier, an elegant location on top of the Pincian Hill. For admiring the Eternal City in all its splendor.

A location of excellence for the presentation of products in Rome

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Casina Valadier is a first choice in Rome for a presentation of products and cars. A perfectly equipped, competent and very elegant location.

An elegant location for hosting art exhibitions in Rome

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Casina Valadier is a great place for hosting art exhibitions and cultural events in Rome. Elegant and multifaceted spaces for successful exhibitions.

The location of Casina Valadier is one of the most elegant solutions in Rome for setting up successful art exhibitions. The multifunctional spaces of the facility and the expertise of our Event Manager service provide everything that an art exhibition needs to be hosted at best.


The artistic value of Casina Valadier

Casina Valadier is often a choice for setting up art exhibitions in the city of Rome. Both beginner artists and established professionals have exhibited their masterpieces at our facility. Exhibitions of paintings, photography, sculpture and more are able to stand out in a frame that is itself art. The neoclassical architectural structure, and the interiors restored with modernity, offer an atmosphere in which the setting up of an event of artistic context is beautifully valued. A very nice alternative to art galleries, traditionally common and ordinary, but also able to offer exclusive services.


How Spaces Are Used

Casina Valadier has multifunctional spaces that fit brilliantly for each event. Expositions of paintings and photo exhibitions are generally set up in the large Hall of Mirrors, an exclusive space rich in a highly suggestive atmosphere. Greater works and installations, such as sculptures, are presented in the outside garden. However, the ability to reinvent of the location always opens up to new possibilities of use, not excluding other options.


How can you manage the event

With an exclusive location like Casina Valadier for art exhibitions in Rome, many other valued services can be considered. Such as a welcome cocktail on the panoramic terraces, or a refreshment after the show. Even a lunch or dinner, before or after the event, at the Vista Restaurant can be a winning solution. Finally, it is possible to consider hypotheses such as a musical performance or a themed night party.


Casina Valadier is always an excellent choice for art exhibitions and cultural events in Rome. Elegant and well-equipped spaces and a competent Event Management service ensure its success.

Organizing incentive and team building in Rome at Casina Valadier

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Casina Valadier is the choice of many companies for the organization of activities of incentive and team building in Rome. High-level experiences guaranteed by a multi-purpose venue.

The 2017 spring menus of Casina Valadier

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Casina Valadier presents its new 2017 spring menus. A refined proposal with seasonal flavors, for fresh tasting experiences.

The business lunch in Rome of Restaurant Vista

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The business lunch in Rome of Vista Restaurant is a delightful and elegant proposal. A great meeting place for a lunch with colleagues or a demanding clientele.


The Vista Restaurant, located at the third floor of Casina Valadier, offers an exclusive business lunch in Rome. A gourmet proposal inserted in the context of an elegant location in the heart of the capital. Our business lunch offers a professional service and of high quality in all aspects, with attention to every food needs.


The menu of our business lunch

Our business lunch in Rome proposes two formulas valid Tuesday through Friday, available exclusively at lunch. A formula consisting of two courses to choose between a starter, a first course and a dessert, the second comprising 3 courses. The Casina Valadier menu changes periodically, always offering fresh specialties typical of the season. Our courses are based on the Italian tradition, and are revised according to modern culinary avant studies. The executive chef in charge of the Casina Valadier restaurant is Massimo Innocenti, two forks Gambero Rosso 2013. Our lunch offer always leaves satisfied our regular and occasional guests.


The location of the restaurant Vista

The business lunch in Rome Valadier at Casina can count on a wonderful location, situated on the high of the Pincian Hill. The Vista Restaurant, located on the third floor offers a comprehensive overview of Rome, for a fascinating and surprising scenic effect. The four halls, the Janiculum, the Medici, the St. Peter and the Quirinale, have an elegant and suggestive furniture. A sophisticated style that will positively impress colleagues and international customers.


Casina Valadier offers a proposal for a high-quality business lunch in Rome that has always satisfied guests. A delicious menu, a luxury location and our professional service and high quality are a winning and preferred option for work and business lunches.

Spring colours everything…our locations too

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Casina Valadier’s garden and outdoor areas are unique locations both for private and bigger special occasions! Every area will suit your needs: you can choose between Giardino della Fontana and Giardino dell’Aurora, but of course possibilities don’t stop here: also structures that have been conceived to be mainly indoor have wonderful and wide terraces, so that you can feel Rome’s beauty on your skin and enjoy every particular of its breath-taking panorama without filters. Just you and nature, sceneries and the charm of a unique location.
Giardino della Fontana is perfect for cocktail parties, spring and summer aperitifs and buffet style lunches and dinners. This space is suitable for small events with up to 40/60 guests -the difference depends on the nature of the event: if it is a seated one, it is suitable for 40 people, while on the other hand, an event with limited seating can welcome 60 people.
Giardino dell’Aurora is different: it is ideal to hold served lunches or dinners accompanied by live music. A very large stage is available for musicians to play the music you like the most and is ready to offer you unforgettable moments. Try to set your imagination free: your favourite music, a tailor-made catering service and all of your friends and beloved ones.
There’s just one thing missing in this marvellous scenery: our wonderful setting that has here the role of the finishing touch.
So, where are you going to organise your next birthday party or your wedding reception? Choose the best. Choose Casina Valadier.