Spritz, Pirlo or…”Can I have a spritz”: everything varies, but not its character!

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Its names are varied, its origins are folded in the Italian history and its taste knows different nuances: we are talking about the Spritz; the maybe most loved alcoholic aperitif by Italians and not only which is part of Chill Bar’s summer new entries.

Just say Spritz and it is aperitif-time: despite Spritz was born in the Italian Triveneto area, it has conquered everybody’s heart…inside and outside Italy; today it is renowned as an alcoholic drink made of a basis of Prosecco, a liquor of choice between Aperol, Campari or Select plus a shot of sparkling water or seltz.

If everybody knows, at least generally, how to prepare it, only a few know where it comes from and the origins of its name. The term Spritz seems to come from the German verb “spritzen”, which means to spray, a verb that perfectly matches the gesture of adding water to wine.

The period of its creation allegedly dates back to the Habsburg domination years that have changed forever Veneto’s history of the entire 18th century and seems to be due to the local wines’ high alcoholic level. Soldiers, traders and diplomats working for the Habsburg Empire in Veneto did got used to the habit of drinking wine in taverns, but never got used to wines’ alcoholic level…which brought them to add water! The original Spritz, in fact, was composed by sparkling white or red wine, diluted with fresh water.

If the origin of the word Spritz is Austrian, it is not the same for the habit of adding water to wine, in order to make it a light and summer drink, which is a 100% made in Veneto habit (already practiced years and years before the arrival of the Austrians).

The first and main Spritz revolution happened at the beginning of the 19th century, when the Seltz water siphons came into use. It is a particularly sparkling water that becomes so sparkling thanks to the a little gas cylinder connected to its bottle, a particular that makes it different from the common sparkling water. This glamourous touch arose Austrian noblewomen’s curiosity at a so high level that they came to build a new group of Spritz lovers and consumers.

This charming revolution marked the start of the creative growth that made Spritz the drink we all know and love nowadays: an aperitif that can be seen as unique, although characterised by different taste nuances…nuances that see today a new arrival: one of Chill Bar’s summer new entries bearing the name of “Can I have a Spritz”. Inviting and fresh…like summer time itself!

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