Spring colours everything…our locations too

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Casina Valadier’s garden and outdoor areas are unique locations both for private and bigger special occasions! Every area will suit your needs: you can choose between Giardino della Fontana and Giardino dell’Aurora, but of course possibilities don’t stop here: also structures that have been conceived to be mainly indoor have wonderful and wide terraces, so that you can feel Rome’s beauty on your skin and enjoy every particular of its breath-taking panorama without filters. Just you and nature, sceneries and the charm of a unique location.
Giardino della Fontana is perfect for cocktail parties, spring and summer aperitifs and buffet style lunches and dinners. This space is suitable for small events with up to 40/60 guests -the difference depends on the nature of the event: if it is a seated one, it is suitable for 40 people, while on the other hand, an event with limited seating can welcome 60 people.
Giardino dell’Aurora is different: it is ideal to hold served lunches or dinners accompanied by live music. A very large stage is available for musicians to play the music you like the most and is ready to offer you unforgettable moments. Try to set your imagination free: your favourite music, a tailor-made catering service and all of your friends and beloved ones.
There’s just one thing missing in this marvellous scenery: our wonderful setting that has here the role of the finishing touch.
So, where are you going to organise your next birthday party or your wedding reception? Choose the best. Choose Casina Valadier.

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