Report of the Bulgari event in Casina Valadier

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Casina Valadier hosted the latest Bulgari event, presenting the new perfume Goldea The Roman Night. An exclusive conference with international guests, held in the Sala degli Specchi and organized with Italia Eventi Group.


Goldea The Roman Night was presented at the special Bulgari event at Casina Valadier. The new perfume of the renowned luxury brand has had its own showcase in front of an international audience. Here’s how the event took place.

3Conference organization

The Bulgari event was organized in the splendid Sala degli Specchi, the space often used for meetings and conferences of Casina Valadier. The room was set up theater style, compatibly with the dynamics of a press conference. An impressive scenery with stage with the brand’s graphic concepts has been mounted. The Sala degli Specchi has also been arranged to best accommodate the technical needs of photography and audiovisual recording of the event.


International guests2

The presentation of the new perfume of Bulgari saw the participation of prominent personalities and high-level international guests. The role of the official presenter of the event was entrusted to the actress and television and radio conductor Giorgia Surina. The new fragrance of Bulgari was also recounted by Jean-Christophe Babin, Luis Miguel Gonzalez Sebastiani and Alberto Morillas, respectively CEO of the company, the responsible for the fragrance division and the creator of Goldea The Roman Night. But the most anticipated and admired guest of the day has been Bella Hadid, the international top model of the moment.
With its sophisticated beauty and elegance, the American model has captured the flash and the admiration of the numerous international press present in the hall.


Goldea The Roman Night

The star of the Bulgari event has been however Goldea The Roman Night, the new perfume of the well-known international brand. During the conference, the presenters were able to appreciate its sublime musk notes with the testers distributed by our staff. An olfactory experience of total pleasure, followed by a brilliant refreshing cocktail on our elegant panoramic terraces.

The presentation of Bulgari’s new fragrance was a great success for public appreciation and media coverage. The location has been able, as usual, to provide excellent solutions for the level of the event and the required performance. Casina Valadier is a frequent choice to host meetings, conferences, product presentations and many other international business events.


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