Hamburger? No, a piece of Italian history.

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Caffè del Pincio’s Hamburger C.P.D. of 100% Chianina meat is not only a mouthwatering dish, but a very significant part of Italian history and tradition.
Are you curious to learn something more about it?
The so called Chianina is one of the oldest breeds of cattle having its origin in the area of the Valdichiana, from which it takes its name.
Despite Chianina cattle are well known for their extreme success in gourmet cuisine, they have been initially raised in the Italian regions of Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio for at least 2200 years for completely different purposes.
Chianina oxen were, in fact, the principal source of agricultural power in the area until displaced by mechanisation processes following the Second World War.
Maybe, if you have ever been to Tuscany and Siena, you already had the occasion to see these animals in a very famous parade called corteo storico of the Palio di Siena.
The real turning point that brought a change in their use came with the Second World War, when the Chianina became a world breed, raised almost exclusively for its high quality meat. Through exportation it has reached China, Russia, Asian countries and the Americas.
The excellence of this breed’s history is the reason why Caffè del Pincio has decided to offer you a quarter pounder burger of 100% Chianina meat in a wholegrain bun, with avocado, heliotrope, Chianina bacon strips and stracchino with yoghurt) accompanied by paprika flavoured chips.
It is a piece of our Italian history and culture showing the artistic finishing touch of our passion for top-quality cuisine.
Simply amazing.
Try it, try a piece of Italian history.

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