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Casina Valadier’s fascinating restaurant Vista is the perfect point of view to fall in love with the Eternal City everytime you look out of the window. Simply breathing Rome’s magical atmosphere will set you in the mood to taste real Italian culture. 
No way to imagine Italian culture without mentioning food. 
No better way to do it than losing yourself through the flavours and tastes that our chef has wisely revisited.
Italian and Mediterranean recipes are renowned and appreciated worldwide because “Italian” means passion, love, commitment, quality and excellence.
One of the fantastic dishes you can try is named “Roman-style artichokes”: in Rome and its surroundings, it is prepared with artichokes of the Romanesco variety, harvested between February and April in the coastal region north-west of Rome between Ladispoli and Civitavecchia.
The artichokes are cleaned with a sharp knife, eliminating all the hard leaves and the thorns with an upward spiral movement. The best part of this vegetable rest is then cut in pieces and cooked in water with lemon juice, so that they don’t turn brown. We select only the best artichokes, in order to offer you a real “Roman” experience adapted to Casina Valadier’s sophisticated and refined essence.
The recipe is then completed adding a mixture of parsley, a kind of mint called “Mentuccia”, garlic, salt and pepper. White wine is the marvellous finishing touch.
A curiosity about the recipe: did you know that artichokes have a place not only in the kitchen, but also in mythology? A myth tells the story of a beautiful blonde nymph transformed into an artichoke by Zeus after she refused him.

Our passion is offering you a dream. 
The way to do it is preparing excellent food and welcoming you in one of the best settings in the world.
Best is our keyword. 
The best ingredients, the best setting, the best Vista.

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