An elegant conference room in Rome

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The Hall of Mirrors of Casina Valadier is an elegant and exclusive conference room in Rome, with great aesthetics and resources.

The companies and organizations that need a functional and sophisticated looking conference room in Rome find what they are looking for in Casina Valadier. The Hall of Mirrors is a space of great elegance and perfectly equipped to host conferences and meetings with great ease.

Conference room in Rome

The Hall of Mirrors is one of the spaces of greatest aesthetic impact offered by Casina Valadier. Recently restored, it is located on the second floor of Casina Valadier, and has a suggestive golden atmosphere where you can appreciate an elegant terracotta floor, a ceiling adorned with elegant floral frescoes restored with total fidelity to the original subject, but above all the fascinating mirrored walls that characterize the hall and give it its name. Its windows overlook the city of Rome and the Pincio side, while the semi-circular terrace offers an exclusive view of Villa Borghese.

Features of the hall

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the Hall of Mirrors also offers a lot of practicality: this event space is in fact perfectly equipped with high-quality audio, video and light systems, as well as prepared to accommodate extra equipment or to be set up with a small stage, exhibitors or other elements. With a traditional theater layout, it can hold up to 130 people seated. And next to an elegant space with great technical skills, Casina Valadier supports a first level service to support the management of the event, and able to satisfy any need of international guests.

The Hall of Mirrors is the most elegant and functional conference room in Rome. An exclusive aesthetic and first-class services give it great appeal and utility.

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