Easter Egg Hunt: the funniest Easter ever welcomes its third edition!

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Celebrations have always been a precious occasion to break the routine and spend time with family and friends.
Easter is without any doubt part of these special moments and is particularly appreciated because its joy brings together children and adults: what can be better than celebrating this beloved part of the year playing all together in the marvellous garden of Casina Valadier?
On March 26th our colourful day will start at 11 when our staff will be ready for you. A tasty and rich lunch box with a sandwich, a dessert and something to drink will wait for your children, but surprises don’t end here! Your kids will be let loose to have fun and search the eggs hidden in our garden with our entertainers. Balloon art, make up, a light-hearted atmosphere and the breath-taking panorama will make our party even more magical!
But let’s discover some curiosities about Easter…
The focus of the celebration is the Easter Bunny, a character that in the USA and Northern Europe has the same importance of Father Christmas: both bring presents to children, but in the case of the bunny these consist in delicious chocolate eggs.
The first Easter Bunny appeared in Germany during the XV century and it’s always here that in 1800 the first bunny-shaped sweets began to be made. This custom has then arrived in the USA, crossing Eastern Europe, thanks to German and Dutch migrants.
Here’s the bunny’s peculiarity: he loves to be a bit spiteful by hiding its colourful chocolate eggs in people’s gardens and houses! The kids have then no choice than chasing the eggs in a funny Easter Egg Hunt.
So…ready, steady, go: let our hunt begin!

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