Corporate Christmas dinners

An exclusive location for organizing corporate Christmas dinners

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Casina Valadier is a winning choice to keep memorable corporate Christmas dinners. Here are our possibilities.

In Rome, the reference location for holding corporate Christmas dinners is Casina Valadier. Our structure usually hosts business events of many different types, and for the traditional end-of-year appointment now offers two different possibilities.

Corporate Christmas dinners

At Casina Valadier, the corporate dinner has great attention and a high level of service. Traditionally these are set up in the Hall of Mirrors, a multi-purpose space and equipped to allow many types of events, with a unique atmosphere: mirrored walls, floral decorations, terracotta flooring and golden tones, which is decorated in the Christmas period particularly suggestive, as well as the whole location. And also as regards the culinary offer we dedicate a themed menu, as always supervised by our chef Massimo D’Innocenti, highly regarded professional in the field, which offers traditional Mediterranean dishes revisited with modern attentions and innovative cooking techniques. Our kitchen, as well as our service, are able to meet every need, both as regards food intolerances and requests from international guests. The dinners, as well as the other corporate events that we host, can also be integrated with team building activities, and thus increase the cohesion of the working group with our targeted and highly topical proposals.

Immersive Show Dinner

Alongside the traditional Christmas dinner offer, Casina Valadier also offers the big news this year: Immersive Show Dinner. A unique, immersive and multisensorial gourmet experience. A suggestive show, totally to live and impossible to tell. Enogastronomic excellences, images, musics, sounds, lights and special effects will blend harmoniously to give life to unique and unforgettable events. An addictive space made to stimulate all the 5 senses, in a perfect synchronization between environments and enogastronomic choices developed by the creative minds of Michelin Star Chefs. A spectacular natural scenery, ever-changing, where guests can feel integral part of the event.

Casina Valadier is the reference location in Rome to organize corporate Christmas dinners. Theme atmosphere and great concepts for a successful event.

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