Chill Bar

Chill Bar by Casina Valadier, and your evening turns into a first-class one!

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Aperitif or after-dinner? Whatever you choose, Chill Bar by Casina Valadier will we able to astonish you at its best.
Not a common aperitif, but a rich selection of fine wines and delicious champagnes. In addition, a parade of refined cocktails able to satisfy every taste, from the most traditional to the most original.
Are you in the mood of a Chill with the flip with a fantastic cognac or do you prefer to go for a light non-alcoholic fruit drink? The fresh nuances of apples and blueberries, skilfully matched in the Sunset Boulevard, will remind you that spring is coming.

This marvellous beverage range is sided by the as much rich and sophisticated range of Italian tapas.

The colours of the sunset stroking the sky of the Capital will lull your relax and will offer you a fabulous location for some unforgettable pictures, whether they are taken with your smartphone or just with your imagination. 
In the first case, we would be pleased if you shared your happy moments on the new Instagram profile of Casina Valadier, using the hashtag #CasinaValadier!

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