Casina Valadier’s “charming summer”: it’s time for summer new entries!

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When we think about summer we can’t but imagine fireworks, cookouts, and beach parties…that’s why Casina Valadier has designed a special and tailor-made way not only to celebrate summer as a season, but also to celebrate its “charming summer”: this way is…summer new entries!

Before disclosing details about our summer new entries, let’s have an insight about summer traditions around the world.When it comes to this topic, it’s impossible not to mention the summer solstice, which has always been celebrated…starting from the first archaeological evidence of the Celts!

In Scandinavian countries people use to build a Maypole and dance up a storm around it. This has been a tradition for many centuries: the maypole can be decorated with whatever symbols are most lucky or meaningful to you.

Moving to Slavic countries, Ivan Kupala Day is celebrated from June 23-24, and it’s one of the greatest and most explosive mashups between ancient and modern traditions. The pagan tradition emphasized the role of water as a nourisher of both humans and the planet. When the region became more Catholic, this emphasis on water was pegged to John the Baptist. The long and the short of it all? Excuse for a huge water fight, which, at the end, is no news even to us!

In China, dragon boats are raced in the glorious Duanwu Festival sometime in June (the exact date depends on the lunisolar Chinese calendar). They have also inspired similar races across the world, so…keep your eyes open!

Well, but now let’s go back to Rome! Casina Valadier’s “charming summer” consists in summer new entries in the menus of our restaurant Vista, Caffè del Pincio and Chill Bar! Some curiosities: fresh green apple and lime juice, mint, elderflower, coriander and selz soda…in other words, our Detox Elisir “Verde Smeraldo” or…other fresh temptations such as our “Watermelon Breeze”, “Stefano’s Frappuccino” and fruit salads!
Not to mention the possibility to relax in our extraordinary outdoor locations…then, Rome’s atmosphere and panorama will do the rest.

Let’s celebrate!

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