Casina Valadier, located in the heart of Villa Borghese, is the jewel of the Pincian Hill (Collis Hortulorum) where, since ancient times, many important families of Ancient Rome had their villas and gardens.

It is one of the most fascinating places of the capital, a step away from the Spanish Steps and Piazza del Popolo, for this is a favorite destination for Romans and tourists from around the world who, in the green of the park between history and art, can admire a wonderful view of the city of Rome.

Casina Valadier was built by the famous Roman architect and urban planner Giuseppe Valadier between 1816 and 1837, engaged at that time in the resettlement of the Pincio and Piazza del Popolo. He reworked in neoclassical style the Casino Della Rota, a seventeenth-century building built in turn on the ruins of an ancient Roman cistern.

The Casina was modeled in neoclassical style with a cubic body, which was set against an exedra with ionic colonnade. Inside there are wonderfully decorated rooms in Pompeian style, whose beautiful frescoes have been recently restored and brought back to their original splendor.
The Casina was designed to accommodate a retrieve on the French bistro model becoming, in the period that ranges from the Kingdom of Italy to the end of the nineteenth century until the First World War, a local of the most frequented in Rome by representatives of the world of culture, art and politics. During World War II the building was used by the German soldiers first and the British Army then, who made it a circle for their officers. After World War II, Casina Valadier yet experienced another period of intense frequentations and celebrity. After a short period of closure in the early 2000s, Casina Valadier was completely restored, and with great astonishment, was handed over to the public a magnificent structure unchanged in the charm and with timeless style.

After a short period of closure, at the beginning of the 2000s, Casina Valadier was completely restored and, to great surprise, a fabulous structure was brought back to the public, unchanged in its charm and with eternal style.

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