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Caffè del Pincio: a light corner with the right energy!

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What are we talking about? We are focusing on Caffè del Pincio and its special selection of smoothies, organic food and light snacks that suit your lunchtime and any other hour’s break.

A green oasis where to recharge with an energizing and antioxidant drink that, combined with the unparalleled beauty of our panorama, will regenerate your body and soul…

The attention Casina Valadier has always paid to the healthiest and lightest products comes from the modern trend to prefer the so called functional food.
It means kinds of food having no precise definition by the European legislation, but being very appreciated as they show positive effects on one or more specific functions of our body. They play an important role in bettering our physical and psychological wellness and also lower the risk of developing certain kinds of diseases.

Ginger, the protagonist of one of our smoothies, contains lots of mineral salts such as manganese, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, vitamins of B and E groups and essential oil.

Its positive effects on the overall wellness of the digestive system is well-known, as well as its action against flu symptoms and its both anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Ginger is in fact able to fight pain caused by headaches and throat inflammations.

In short, a very good ally of our health, but also a champion of taste that we decided to mix with celery, cucumber, carrot and mint in order to offer you a extraordinary and refreshing smoothie.

We are what we eat: a way of saying that hides a precious truth.
We take care of ourselves in several ways and it’s right to do so also when sitting down at table in a restaurant. Casina Valadier knows that very well and that’s why we cuddle our guests selecting only the best products and mixing them according to the modern principles of good nutrition.

Because…healthy is the new way!

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