An exclusive location for gala dinners in Rome

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Casina Valadier is the best choice as a location for gala dinners in Rome. Elegance and organization at high levels.

The best and most exclusive location for gala dinners in Rome is without a doubt Casina Valadier, an elegant structure located on the top of the Pincian Hill. Here are the characteristics that distinguish it.

Location for gala dinners in Rome

Casina Valadier is inserted in the green context of Villa Borghese, one of the most romantic walks in Rome. Its pastel colors and its architectural structure, built on the remains of an ancient Roman cistern, always offer great suggestion to guests. In the well-kept garden of the location it is possible to admire works of art such as the Fontana dell’Anfora, by Amleto Cataldi; the garden has also been furnished with elegant marquees. The interiors are instead rich in frescoes of recent restoration, as in the Hall of Mirrors, a versatile space for dinners and special events with terracotta floors and mirrored walls. In general, the entire structure has a distinct decor and in line with the style of the location, and our gala dinners can be held in the Hall of Mirrors as well as on the panoramic terraces or in the outdoor garden.

Service and gourmet cuisine

Casina Valadier’s service is prepared to offer the utmost professionalism and to welcome every international guest with the utmost respect for customs and culture. On the other hand, our kitchen offers refined gourmet menus, enriched by the imagination of the renowned chef Massimo D’Innocenti and the freshest raw materials. We can also meet all food needs with menus and alternative dishes, for any type of intolerance or cultural necessity.

Casina Valadier is the best choice as a location for gala dinners in Rome. Our charming structure and our first level service allow us to always create a memorable event.

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