The most functional meeting rooms in Rome

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Casina Valadier offers the most exclusive meeting rooms in Rome. Equipped and functional spaces for successful events.

Companies that need elegant and functional meeting rooms in Rome find the solution they are looking for in the Casina Valadier spaces. Our location has rooms of great aesthetic and able to meet every need in terms of technical audio and video equipment for the realization of business meetings.

Sala Romana

The Sala Romana is located on the ground floor of Casina Valadier, has an independent entrance and a private outdoor area. It has a refined and elegant furniture, and is a functional and usable space for holding corporate events such as small and reserved business meetings.

Hall of Mirrors

The Hall of Mirrors is located on the second floor of the Casina Valadier. Its floral frescoes decorating the ceiling, as well as the furnishings in general, have been renovated to give it back its original appearance. In addition to the decorations it is possible to admire a terracotta paving and the elegant mirrored walls that characterize it, while from the windows and the semicircular terrace it is possible to admire the city of Rome and Villa Borghese. It is a hall with a great multi-purpose character, able to reinvent itself for many corporate events such as company meetings, for which the theater can accommodate up to 140 people.

The rooms can be arranged with a theater style arrangement, with a single table or u-shape arrangement. For the organization of meetings we offer customizable service packages, with options for the half day or the full day.

Casina Valadier has the best meeting rooms in Rome. Functional and elegant spaces that offer a high level of service for many types of business events.

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