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An elegant and panoramic restaurant at Villa Borghese

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Vista, restaurant at Villa Borghese of Casina Valadier, is one of the most renowned and exclusive restaurants in Rome. An elegant proposal for a nice gourmet dinner.

location for photographic services in Rome

An exclusive location for photographic services in Rome

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Casina Valadier is an excellent location for photographic services in Rome and filming. A first choice for elegance, lights and atmosphere…

Casina Valadier, a fabulous wedding location in Rome

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Casina Valadier is a wedding location in Rome of excellence, that is become trend and ambition throughout the capital. A fairy tale setting, supported by a professional and attentive service.

Casina Valadier, a nineteenth century villa located on the Pincian Hill, is a successful wedding location in Rome. There are many reasons why it is chosen by many married couples of Roman and international prominent society. First of all its fabulous setting, the wonderful view on the main monuments of the capital, but above all, its perfect service.

A timeless location

The idea of celebrating the marriage at the wedding location Casina Valadier fascinates first of all for the highest aesthetics of the structure. The villa, whose construction was ordered by none other than Napoleone Bonaparte, is a neo-classical nineteenth-century structure, modeled with inspiration at the Parisian bistros. A trait that gives it an eternal, timeless aspect, belonging to past epochs but always present. Equally surprising both indoors and outdoors, it lends itself to multiple services and their situations thanks to the plurality of environments. This makes it an elegant location compatible with many types of events, including fabulous weddings. It is precisely with wedding celebrations that Casina Valadier manifests its most enchanted and fairy side. An atmosphere that elevates the sense of eternal in the union of the couple.

Professional service

Second, the wedding location Casina Valadier features a wedding planning service of high level. Our professionals available to the spouses have an international preparation in the planning of the wedding in all its aspects. Through a rich experience and continuous updates on industry trends, it is always guaranteed a unique and memorable celebration. Particular attention is given to the specific requirements of the guests, that our staff always understand and enhances at best. Beside the creation of the event, we offer excellent catering that has always distinguished our Vista Restaurant.

Casina Valadier is a complete wedding location in Rome from every point of view. Inviting all year round, it offers its more refined side in the current spring.