Immersive Show Dinner

More than a place,
More than a show,
More than a dinner…
The New Taste Experience.

IMMERSIVE SHOW DINNER it’s an innovative and exclusive event, made for a limited number of guests, which will take place at Casina Valadier, in Rome, every week end until the end of 2018.

A unique, immersive and multisensorial gourmet experience.
A suggestive show, totally to live and impossible to tell.

Enogastronomic excellences, images, musics, sounds, lights and special effects will blend harmoniously to give life to unique and unforgettable events..

An addictive space made to stimulate all the 5 senses, in a perfect synchronization between environments and enogastronomic choices developed by the creative minds of Michelin Star Chefs. A spectacular natural scenery, ever-changing, where guests can feel integral part of the event.

The first show, DiscoverIT: “La Prima di Massimo Viglietti”, will be on stage every week-end until the end of 2018, with a unedited menù created by the Michelin Star Chef Massimo Viglietti, that will feed the pleasure of the senses, accompanying guests in a suggestive journey made of unique scenaries, in a perfect fusion of food, nature, sounds and special effects. So the guest become co-star of an involving multisensorial route: an immersive dinner, where each dish and every single detail will create an emotional bridge between real and virtual, giving an experience always unique and unrepeatable.

Are you ready to DiscoverIT?

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